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Jennie -

We are very sorry if you are experiencing problems when shopping with us. If you have been charged/reserved when unsuccessfully attempting to place an order, it will be refunded within 1 - 5 days, so no worries!

While there is a number of issues that could be taking place which can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly. We have a few guidelines that will help solve your problem:

- Please make sure that you are at the site for the country that you wish to order to ( for The Netherlands or for the US etc.) Please click here

- Check your web browser. Often older or outdated software just doesn’t work as well with our site. Generally speaking, the Google Chrome browser has the fewest problems.

- Hit the refresh button and try once more as this sometimes is an easy fix that us shoppers never think of. 

- Make your purchase as a "guest" (just a describing sentence, as we all know that you're our very important customer) instead of logging onto your account

- Try with another payment solution or another credit card if possible!

- If nothing seems to be working, please try using another device and make sure that you're at the site for the country that you wish to order to!

- If You have received a pop-up message stating that you cannot make your purchase, you'll need to contact the payment solution that you are trying to use. If you are trying to place an order with Klarna, we kindly ask you to get in touch with them as we have chosen to leave your safety in the hands of the experts. We at Björn Borg have very limited access to sensitive payment information therefore. You will get in contact with Klarna's Customer Service here. They will give you all the information that you need.

During busy periods unexpected issues onsite and a host of other problems out of our control may occur. We apologize again for the inconvenience and hope this helps alleviate the issue as our most important task is to keep you happy and all geared up in our amazing Sports fashion brand!


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